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COMM 2: Media in a Global World (Chopra): Videos

Audio-Visual Materials

These clips / films are for discussions on ideology and inequality.

Jean Kilbourne
The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women

Jeanne Fitzpatrick
Killing us Softly 4 (full video)

Rambo 2: Explosive Arrow
Rambo 3: Explosive Arrow

Rambo 4: Archery Scene

Triump of the Will (speeches
Triumph of the Will (full film)

Birth of a Nation
Klan to the Rescue (excerpt)

Full Film (YouTube)
Full Film (SCU Library - streaming)

Bugs Bunny
Tokio Jokio


TED Talks

Close Reading/Textual Analysis Exercise

Billie Holiday
Strange Fruit

Bob Marley
Redemption Song