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RefWorks: Creating Bibliographies and Writing your Paper

Creating a Simple Bibliography

Creating a bibliography in RefWorks is very easy.  RefWorks lets you choose from hundreds of citation styles.

  1. First go to the folder you need in RefWorks and select the citations you want to cite (or the entire folder). 
  2. Click on the cite menu at the top and select “Create Bibliography”. 
  3. Select “MLA,  7th edition” or another style of your choice as your output style. The bibliography will display on the screen. 
  4. Click “Copy to Clipboard” and then paste to your paper.
  5. Remember that it’s important to check the integrity of this data (author names, capitalization, unnecessary information, URL if no DOI is provided).


To use a custom output style or edit a citation style, watch this short video. 

Writing with RefWorkds

RefWorks provides three writing utilities that run inside your word processor and enables you to search for references, add in-text citations or footnotes to your manuscript, and create a corresponding bibliography in compliance to a selected output style. The writing utility you will choose depends on the MS Word version you are using.  There is also one writing utility to use with Google Docs.   Click on the links to see videos on how to install each writing utility.. 

  • RefWorks Citation Manager (use it if you have MS Word 2016 – Windows or Mac)
  • Write-N-Cite for MS Word (use it if you have a Word version older than 2016)
  • RefWorks Add-on for Google Docs

To learn how to use each writing utility, watch the video on the right. 

Video: Writing with RefWorks