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ENGL 1A/2A: Education and Identity (Tarnoff): Class Exercise- January 20, 2021

Class guide for LEAD scholars 1A/2A.

Using Google to Find Sources

Google can be a great source for finding information about the context/history of your topic and current data and statistics:

1. Search using keywords you identified.

2. To find context and current data and statistics, try the following:

  • Your keyword and "data" or "reports"
  • Your keyword and "history"

3. Be sure to visit the "about" page to investigate the publisher or organization:

  • What is the publisher or organization's position or purpose?
  • Is there potential bias?
  • Are there sources with an alternate viewpoint?

Complete Source Worksheet

Using these search options, identify three sources related to your topic and complete the source worksheet:

Use Databases to Find Sources

Some recommended library databases include:

Multidisciplinary Databases

Education Databases

Social Science Databases