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Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Who's Who in the Impeachment Inquiry

The impeachment inquiry thus far has involved many people, most of whom are unknown to the public. This brief Who's Who will be updated as more individuals become involved in the process.


Christopher Anderson - Foreign Service officer and former advisor to Kurt Volker

Michael Atkinson - Inspector General of the Intelligence Community

William Barr - Attorney General of the United States

Joe Biden - former Vice-President of the United States, 2020 presidential candidate

Hunter Biden - son of Joe Biden, businessman

Robert Blair - National Security aide - refused to testify

John Bolton - former U.S. National Security advisor

Thomas Ulrich Brechtbuhl - U.S. State Department counselor

Laura Cooper - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russian, Ukraine, and Eurasia

Catherine Croft - State Department foreign service officer

Michael Duffy - Associate Director for Office of Management and Budget - refused to testify

John Eisenberg - National Security lawyer - refused to testify

Michael Ellis - National Security Counsel lawyer - refused to testify

Igor Fruman - business associate of Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani - personal lawyer for Donald Trump

Wells Griffith - Special Assistant to the President / National Security Advisor - refused to testify

David Hale - Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Fiona Hill - former Russia advisor to the White House

David Holmes - Political Counsel for U.S. Embassy in Kyiv

George Kent - Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia

Charles Kupperman - former Deputy National Security advisor - filed lawsuit claiming he did not have to testify

Yuriy Lutsenko - former Ukrainian Prosecutor General

Joseph Maguire - Acting Director of National Intelligence

Kevin McCarthy - House of Representatives Minority Leader

Mitch McConnell - Senate Majority Leader

Brian McCormack - White House budget official - refused to testify

Don McGahn - former White House counsel

Michael McKinley - former advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Tim Morrison - outgoing Senior Director of European and Russian Affairs at the National Security Council

Lev Parnas - business associate of Rudy Giuliani

Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House of Representatives

Mike Pence - Vice-President of the United States

Rick Perry - U.S. Energy Secretary - refused to testify

Mike Pompeo - U.S. Secretary of State

Philip Reeker - Acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department

John Roberts - Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court - if there is a Senate trial, he will preside

Mark Sandy - Senior official in the White House Office of Management and Budget

Adam Schiff - Representative, House Intelligence Committee Chairman - his committee is leading the inquiry

Chuck Schumer - Senate Minority Leader

Victor Shokin - former Ukraine Prosecutor General - before Lutsenko

Gordon Sondland - U.S. Ambassador to the European Union

Bill Taylor - former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine; current Acting Ambassador to Ukraine

Donald Trump - President of the United States

Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman - National Security Council Director for European Affairs

Kurt Volker - former U.S. Special Envoy for Ukraine

Russell Vought - Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget - refused to testify

Whistleblower - unnamed U.S. intelligence officer

Jennifer Williams - Aide to Vice-President Mike Pence - former foreign service officer based in London

Andriy Yermak - aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky

Marie Yovanovitch - former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky - President of Ukraine