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WGST 106 - Writing Wrongs (Kolenz): Finding Scholarly Articles

How to Recognize a Scholarly Journal

Sample List of WGST Journals

A few of the major WGST Journals:

Gender & Society
Feminist Studies
Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies
Feminist Formations
Journal of Women's History
GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies
Women's Studies Quarterly
Feminist Media Studies
Journal of the Motherhood Initiative

The Best Databases for WGST Research

To find journal articles with a feminist perspective, it's better to use specialized WGST databases, such as the first three on this list.  

Other more general or multidisciplinary databases are also recommended.

Searching Strategies

  • Before your start searching, try focusing your topic by writing a one sentence research question.  For example: 
    • What's the impact of microaggressions against women in the workplace?
  • Then identify the main ideas in your research question:
    • Microaggression
    • Workplace or Employment
    • Women or Gender
  • Use an asterisk to find variations of a word.  For example, Work would retrieve Workplace as well as Work.
  • Use quotes around a phrase:  "glass ceiling"
  • Then choose a database from the list on the left and enter your keywords in the search boxes. You should separate synonyms or related terms by the OR connector.


Getting the Full Text of Articles

  • If the database you are using has the full text of the article, just click on the link (PDF or HTML)
  • If the full-text is not available, click on the FIND IT @ SCU LIBRARIES LINK.  
  • You will be given different options to find the article, including an interlibrary loan request if the article is not available at SCU (it's a free service).