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WGST 106 - Writing Wrongs (Kolenz): Images and Films

Streaming Videos

Documentaries are an excellent source of information when you start working on your topic. The library subscribes to KANOPY, a database of streaming videos. If you find a good one on your topic, it's very easy to use "clips" from the video in your presentation.  

Do search KANOPY  to find more films and documentaries on your topic.  You can also search OSCAR to find documentaries from a variety of sources.

General Image Resources

IMPORTANT: Use of images is subject to U.S. copyright law. If an image is copyrighted, you must ask permission--and often pay--to use it with an accompanying credit line. That's the law! If an image is in the public domain or available under creative commons license and thus freely available to use, often it will say so and provide credit information.

If you are not sure if an image is public domain or creative commons licensed, contact the person or entity responsible for the image and ask permission for one-time educational use with an accompanying credit line. For more on copyright, see
U.S. Copyright Office FAQs

Best Bets

Other Image Sources