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Question of the Month

Donald Trump plans to talk about unity during his inaugural address on January 20th. How well do you expect Trump to unify the country over the next four years?

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety." Felix Mendelssohn
90% united: 16 votes (8.99%)
80% united: 2 votes (1.12%)
70% united: 2 votes (1.12%)
60% united: 10 votes (5.62%)
50% united: 74 votes (41.57%)
40% united: 10 votes (5.62%)
30% united: 11 votes (6.18%)
20% united: 11 votes (6.18%)
10% united: 16 votes (8.99%)
Anarchy reigns: 26 votes (14.61%)
Total Votes: 178

To the Victor, Go the Spoils

Donald Trump is now president. With his inauguration completed, I will no longer update these pages.

Thank you to all who visited these pages over the last 2 years and participated in the election process by voting, by encouraging people to register, by working for candidates, and by attending election-related events here at Santa Clara.

Congratulations to the following election winners:

U.S. President: Donald Trump
U.S. Vice-President: Mike Pence

U.S. Senator from California: Kamala Harris 

U.S. House of Representatives - 17th District: Ro Khanna 

California Senate - 13th District: Jerry Hill 

California Senate - 15th District: Jim Beall 

California Senate - 17th District: Bill Monning 

California Assembly - District 24: Marc Berman

California Assembly - District 25: Kansen Chu

California Assembly - District 27: Ash Kalra 

California Assembly - District 28: Evan Low