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ENGL 2H: Technology & Cultural Knowledge (Riccomini): Home

Guide to library resources for this class.

Class exercise 1/12/18 - Use your SCU login

NOTE:  To send yourself your FOUR citations and/or if you don't finish answering the questions during class--first type in something (ie. test) for the required questions* you didn't get to, then click on "Send me a copy of my responses" -- only then will you be able to login again and continue where you left off. Make sure this is in your email before you leave today.

Announcing the Library Undergraduate Research Awards

Did you enjoy the research you did in this class? Are you writing an award-winning paper? If your answer is yes, be sure to submit your paper for the:

(Two awards of $1000 offered each year)

Deadline to apply is April 20, 2018
Read more about this award

Outcomes for your Library Session

1.  Adding to WHERE you look for information, and WHY.

2.  Distinguishing between scholarly/non-scholarly sources, and understanding disciplinary perspective.

2.  Knowing the "HOW-TO" - Steps for searching the library's resources to review the literature on your topic.

ENGL 2H (CTW 2) - Critical Thinking and Writing II


ENGLISH 2 - Composition & Rhetoric II

Additional resources for this course


Need a writing tutor?   See the SCU Writing Center - known as The HUB.


Finding That Article, Book, etc.

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