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HIST 11A: Slavery and Unfreedom (Brillman)

This guide was created to support History 11A: Slavery and Unfreedom.

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Featured Resources to Start Your Research

Research Packs - Primary Sources in Collection

These databases offer a variety of primary sources, usually presented in an user-friendly way, many times with accompanying secondary sources, and user tools like browsing and narrative introductions. With a little exploration, you could find something interesting!

Activity: State Topic and Explore

Get Your Research Started!

1. State your topic

Even if you don't share your topic with class today, you need to create a new document and clearly state it for yourself

2. Explore primary resources

--> Consider posting your topic and a really cool primary source on the Padlet for class discussion

Save links to articles and support in your document

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Next: Search for Books and Articles (Secondary Sources)

3. Expand out to secondary sources using the history databases listed on this research guide

Choose whether to look for books or articles. Try searching in OSCAR or one of the article databases, and keep track of your research in your document.


Books can contain secondary and primary source material. Use OneSearch or OSCAR to locate books SCU owns.

Formula: 2-3 keyword terms, connected with and. No phrases or questions.

OSCAR for Books:

History Databases:

Social Science Databases

If your topic is on modern slavery, you will want to use a social science database.

Example search strategy