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CHEM 133: Medicinal Chemistry (Fuller)

This LibGuide was created for Chemistry 133: Medicinal Chemistry.


Image curtesy of Adam Niescioruk and Bill Oxford. Image depicts a coffee cup with colorful pills and test tubes in a metal rack.

What is Medicinal Chemistry?

A carton showing how medicinal chemists orchestrate the new discovery of molecules to improve health by coordinating efforts amongst numerous disciplines.

Course Description: Medicinal chemistry will engage students in the study of the scientific processes and experiments involved in drug discovery. By examining case studies, students will appreciate how drug discovery has shaped historical events, how and why drug regulation processes have evolved, and how societal forces influence which therapeutic areas are targeted for drug discovery. Students will become familiar with experiments that clarify drug interactions with biomolecules and biological systems and drug efficacy. In-depth study of specific drugs will analyze societal influences that contributed to their discovery, their scientific development, and their impact (or potential impact) on society.


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