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Exploring global health issues, particularly the poor and underserved

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PHSC 190: Public Health Capstone


PHSC 190: Public Health Capstone



"Interdisciplinary exploration of public health strategies for dealing with global health issues, particularly those affecting poor and underserved populations: infectious diseases, access to adequate and safe food and water, and access to health care.

"Public health deals with understanding the multitude of factors influencing human health (biological, social, and environmental), and using this knowledge to develop strategies for prevention of disease and promotion of health through organized efforts and social choices. Focusing on the challenges laid out by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, this course will use case studies, research projects, and guest speakers to investigate real-world strategies to analyze and improve health, particularly in resource-poor settings.

"We’ll talk about large projects organized at the national or international level by public health experts and governments, and small projects developed at the community level by social entrepreneurs and NGO’s. We won’t be able to address every public health problem facing the world, but we’ll hopefully talk about a diverse enough range of health issues and intervention strategies to identify common themes."


Image: The Lancet