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Raising Your Research Profile and Measuring Your Impact: Home


This guide is for faculty and academic staff who are interested in online tools and methods for sharing their work and research with a wider audience. It also covers tools for measuring impact factors, citation counts, and other metrics that can demonstrate how much about your research is being read, referenced, and/or cited by other scholars. 

Topics Covered By This Guide

Did You Know?

"[Open Access] articles have consistently more citations, the advantage varying from 36%-172% by discipline and year."

- Hajjem, C., Harnad, S., and Gingras, Y. "Ten-Year Cross-Disciplinary Comparison of the Growth of Open Access and How it Increases Research Citation Impact”. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 28(4): 39-47; 2005


OA Repositories

  1. Scholar Commons: SCU's Interdisciplinary Institutional Repository 
    • ​​A permanent online archive to collect and preserve your publishing output and research
    • Library staff upload profiles and content for you - no need for you to remember passwords and learn new systems
    • URLs won't change over time - they're permanent
    • All works are available in full text. Making SCU scholars' research available to anyone highlights our committment to social justice allowing your research to be read by a larger community of scholars, such as those from underfunded universities or those in developing countries
    • Makes your work highly discoverable by all search engines, increasing the number of people who read your research. The more your work is read, the more likely it is to be cited. The more citations your works get, the more recognition of your scholarship
    • For how to deposit, see the Scholar Commons FAQ
  2. (Interdiscipinary) ​​
    • ​​A site for academic to share research profiles and their work; members create their own profiles and upload their own work
  3. ImpactStory (Interdiscipinary) 
    • Very similar to; scholars can create a profile, upload articles, datasets, posters, slides, etc. Here's a sample profile:
  4. Mendeley (Interdiscipinary)
    • Mendeley is both a free reference manager and academic social network
  5. ResearchGate (Specifically for Scientists)