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RSOC 99: Sociology of Religion (Wright)

Books About Religion in America—Physical and Ebook

Religion Matters

Emerson, Michael O., William A. Mirola, and Susanne C. Monahan. Religion Matters: What Sociology Teaches Us about Religion in Our World. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2016.

The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research

The Critical Methodologies Collective. 2021. The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research : Addressing Moments of Discomfort. New York: Routledge.

Social Problems

Horsfall, Sara Towe. Social Problems : An Advocate Group Approach, Taylor & Francis Group, 2012.

A Dictionary of Sociology

Scott, J. (2014). A Dictionary of Sociology. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 16 Aug. 2022.

The Oxford Handbook of Civil Society

Edwards, Michael (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Civil Society, Oxford Handbooks, 2011.

Saving Souls, Serving Society

Unruh, Heidi Rolland, and Ronald J. Sider, Saving Souls, Serving Society: Understanding the Faith Factor in Church-Based Social Ministry (New York, 2005; Oxford Academic).

The Politics of Volunteering

Print book available in the SCU Library. Click link to request or to look up availability and call number.

A Shared Future

Wood and Fulton, A Shared Future: Faith-Based Organizing for Racial Equity and Ethical Democracy (University of Chicago Press, 2015)

Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action

Anna Leon-Guerrero, Social problems : community, policy, and social action, Sage, 2016.

University Library ARS Main Stacks - Request

HN59.2 .L46 2016  

Dictionary of the Social Sciences

Dictionary of the Social Sciences. Ed. Calhoun, Craig. Oxford University Press, Oxford Reference. 2022.



This guide is designed as a resource for all students taking Religion & Society 99: Sociology of Religion taught by Lecturer Jaime Wright. This guide will shepherd you through the research process, provide easy access to library resources to support your project, and give you instructions on how to search for and utilize those resources.

Get Help

Use the Chat with a Librarian widget on the left side of this guide to get 24/7 research help from a librarian, or contact the librarian assigned to this course using the information on the left of the screen.

Let's Go!

Roadmap of instructions:

  • Start with Activity 1, below, which will give you foundational ideas to keep in mind as you start your research for this course.
  • Review the Research Process section of this research guide. Watch the videos.
  • Proceed to Activity 2, where you will utilize the the Background Information and Finding Books & Articles section of this research guide.

Activity 1

Engaging in research is an ongoing process: over time you will identify ways to refine, narrow, and target your search strategies. To get you going on that journey, watch these three videos.

  1. Idea to Library talks about what "academic" or "scholarly" sources are and how they get into the library.    
  2. One Perfect Source speaks to the problem of what to do when it seems like there are no sources for your topic.    
  3. Choosing Keywords gives advice on how to match your language to the language of scholars.

Next, complete the following exercise (300-500 words) and upload it to Camino per Dr. Wright's instructions.

  • List 2 - 4 of the most important insights you gained from watching the videos.     
  • Briefly discuss how you plan on applying at least two of these important insights in your research for the Research Project Final Report.     
  • Briefly address 1-3 conflicts or unanswered questions either the videos or steps 1-2 have brought up for you regarding your Research Project.