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Country Resources


Country Resources

BBC News Country Profiles
Succinct, and largely very current, profiles of countries of the world. Added bonus is the inclusion of some audio and video clips from the BBC.

Library of Congress Area Studies Reading Rooms
Although there is information here about the actual physical reading room, there is an incredible array of web resources here as well. Kept very current!

World Health Organization
You can get a great deal of health-related information on the 194 member states of WHO. This includes a standard health profile for each country as well as a variety of other topics, some unique to a region or country or very current issues, like disease outbreaks. There are links to in-country information sources as well. Always look at the dates of the information.

How to Find Country Information
Librarian Gail Gradowski created a guide for finding country information on a wide range of topics. Specialized pages lead to information on democracy/human rights, elections, economics, health, and everyone's favorite - statistics!