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WGST 12A- C&I II: Women in Transnational Perspective (Sharangpani / Lodhia): Home

Women in Transnational Perspective


Photo credits:  School in Burkina Faso (Emilie Crofton); Girls in Pyongyang (Flicker-Raymond Cunningham); No Mas Violencia (Flicker user);  Learn to Vote (Wikimedia Commons)

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Cultures and Ideas II - Women in Transnational Perspective

This guide is designed to help you find information, images,  and scholarly articles for your Critical Gender Research Project.  It should be particularly useful in helping you put together your annotated bibliography.  You will learn how to select the best library databases for your topic, how to  construct an efficient search, and how to recognize a scholarly article.   


Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian