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WGST 76: Violence Against Women (Silver): Home

Violence Against Women


What is a scholarly article?

Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian

Best Databases to Find Scholarly Articles

Use the following databases to find good scholarly articles.  Follow the instruction on the right to construct your search.  You can access more relevant databases  on this page.


Searching Strategies

  • Write down what you are looking for and highlight the important keywords.  For example if you are interested in the violence faced by homeless women in their daily life, the important words/phrases would be:  VIOLENCE and "HOMELESS WOMEN"
  • Select one of the databases listed on the left
  • Enter one keyword or a phrase in each search box.  You can enter synonyms or related terms  in the same search box.
  • Limit your results to "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" 

More search tips:

  • Put quotes around a phrase.  For example:  "homeless women"
  • Use  an * to pick up different endings of a word.  For example homeless* will pick up homelessness as well as homeless.
  • If the full-text of the article is not readily available in the database, click on “Find it at SCU” to see where it’s available.  If it's not available in another database or in print, request it through  Interlibrary Loan.  It's free and very fast!