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Data Information Literacy
by Susan Boyd - Last Updated Jan 28, 2014
Resources on data information literacy and related topics inspired by the Data Information Literacy Symposium held at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, September 22-24. 2013.
Data Management @ SCU
by Susan Boyd, Tom Farrell, Michal Strutin - Last Updated Sep 18, 2014
How to write a data management plan for an NSF or other grant proposal.
EndNote Web
by Tom Farrell - Last Updated May 27, 2011
This guide provides tips for using EndNote Web, a tool for gathering, organizing, formating, and sharing research citations.
Finding Book Reviews
by Gail Gradowski - Last Updated Jan 21, 2014
by Michal Strutin - Last Updated Apr 29, 2014
Guide to images in the public domain, images in SCU-subscribed databases, etc.
Impact Factor and Other Ways of Assessing the Research Value of a Journal
by Susan Boyd - Last Updated Apr 20, 2012
Various ways to assess the research value of a journal.
Mobile Library
by Susan Boyd, Tom Farrell - Last Updated Dec 19, 2013
A guide to accessing SCU Library resources from your mobile device. Includes links to other useful mobile-enhaced sites and apps.
Open Educational Resources (OER)
by Michal Strutin - Last Updated Oct 24, 2014
Links to online open-access textbooks and other "open" educational resources.
Plagiarism: don't let it happen to you!
by Susan Boyd - Last Updated Aug 15, 2014
Don't fail your course! Quote, paraphrase and/or cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism.
Writing an Annotation
by Gail Gradowski - Last Updated Dec 5, 2013
Zotero User Guide
by Helene Lafrance - Last Updated Nov 30, 2011
Beginner's guide to Zotero