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Police Reform Ideas

" ..... and justice for all"


George Floyd (1973 - 2020)

The killing of George Floyd by four police officers on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis ignited protests against police violence and calls for police reform throughout the United States. Many ideas are being advanced to improve public safety and to alter the nature of policing. This guide will try to highlight these ideas and provide examples of local, state, and federal governments actually implementing changes.

This guide is not intended to advocate for any particular change or to address broader issues of reforming society. Hopefully it will serve as a clearinghouse for ideas. A variety of sources address needed changes in a more comprehensive or in-depth fashion. These include:

If you know of other ideas for transforming policing and public safety or stories about successful changes, please let me know. Links to sites that explain an idea well and to media reports about successes will definitely help.

Last updated September 2023.