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RSOC 9: Ways of Understanding Religion (Wright)

Books and Articles from SCU Library


Use keywords to strategically search for both books and articles. Try to get as specific as possible for this part, since you've already browsed around in background information sources using more general terms. Use the syntax examples below to construct a simple search in OSCAR or a database, or break them out onto separate lines and use other limiters in an advanced search. Every database including OSCAR has a simple search option and an advanced search option.


  • pentecostal and african american
  • women and scientology
  • (gay or homosexual) and muslim
  • religion and yoga
  • religion and (name of place i.e. los angeles or california)
  • buddhism and business and asian american


Searcn OSCAR, the SCU Library Catalog, to connect to ebooks online and to request physical books from the library.

Articles and Book Chapters

Use one or more of the databases below to search for scholarly articles and book chapters courtesy of the SCU Library's subscriptions.

Note: If you don't see a link for the PDF of the article, follow the link called "Find it @ SCU," which will take you to another database with the PDF, or take you to OSCAR to see if SCU Library has the book that contains the book chapter. If that is not available, request the article or book chapter through InterLibrary Loan

I recommend limiting your search to Scholarly / Peer Reviewed Journals on the left side of your results screen.

Video: Using Find it @ SCU Libraries in the ATLA Religion Database