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The Saint John's Bible, Heritage Edition: The Illuminators

A guide to accessing the Heritage Edition of the Saint John's Bible in Archives & Special Collections

Donald Jackson

Thomas Ingmire

Thomas Ingmire on his work with the Saint John’s Bible:

“Even with each piece, I would start out asking myself, Why? And about two-thirds of the way through I would say, This is it, never again. And then when it was done and I would see it, there is something about… the magic of vellum, there really is a magic, and so, I think when it was all done and I would see that, there was something about, Ok, I can do another one. And that’s just the way I work.”

Suzanne Moore

Chris Tomlin

The Saint John Bible Illuminators

A team of 15 scribes and illuminators, under the direction of Donald Jackson, the chief illuminator and project coordinator, worked together to create the amazing and vibrant images found in the Saint John's Bible.  This page gives a brief introduction to some of these artists.

Below are recommended works for those interested in more background information on the illuminations and the process of creating the Saint John's Bible.

Aidan Hart

Diane Von Arx