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All About Clonig!


Photos courtesy of Flicker users:  Darpa Robotics Challenge Final (Lockeed Martin); Test Tube Baby (Brendan Dolan-Gavity); Facts and Infographics (Mapofworldimages)

Exercise 1 - Let's Get Started!

Read these two short encyclopedias articles about cloning.

Human Cloning (from the Encyclopedia of Human Genome)

Cloning (from the Encyclopedia of Science and Religion)



Now answer the following questions using this Google Form:

Two Perspectives on Human Cloning




Fun Quizz

Engl1A- Science, Ethics, and Society

 All About Cloning!

Cloning is one of the most controversial issues of our times.  Whether it's animal cloning, human cloning, therapeutic or reproductive cloning, everybody has an opinion, and ethical concerns abound.  Our two library sessions will help you:

  • Identify an aspect of the cloning debate you want to explore
  • Locate information from different types of sources
  • Evaluate this information to be sure it's reliable and can be used in your presentation

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