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ENGL 1A: Science, Ethics, and Society (Nanda): Selecting a Topic

Broad Topics

Here are some general issues related to cloning that might give you some ideas as you explore which topic you want to learn more about:

History of Cloning

Animal Cloning

Human Cloning (reproductive cloning)

Human Cloning (therapeutic cloning)

Agricultural Cloning

Religion and Cloning

The Science Behind Cloning (stem cell research, DNA)

Step 1

Step 1: Choose a Topic You are Curious About

The first step in the search process is to choose a topic.  Choosing a topic you are curious about and interested in will make the research process easier and more enjoyable.

Step 2

Step 2:  How to Narrow Down Your Topic

  • Choose the perspective of a specific discipline (science, sociology, religion, philosophy, history)
  • Choose a population group (animal cloning, human cloning, embryo, plant)
  • Choose just one aspect of the topic:                                

          -government regulations/legislation

          -human genome project

          -public opinion

          -science behind cloning

  • Choose a time span (changing public opinion from 1990 to the present)
  • Geographical location (compare regulations about cloning in different countries

Step 3

Step 3:  Develop a Research Question Around Your Topic

  • Start asking questions around your topic:

    How?  What?  In what ways?


  • What are the ethical concerns surrounding reproductive cloning?

  • Did public opinion about cloning change in the last 20 years?  Why?

  • Does religious affiliation have an influence on attitudes about cloning?

  • What is the importance of the Human Genome Project?

  • Should cloning research be funded by the government? 

  • How would cloning dinosaurs benefit humanity?