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Arab American Heritage Month

This guide is a resource to discover and learn about Arab American Heritage Month.

What is Arab American Heritage Month?

April is designated as National Arab American Heritage Month, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and significant contributions of Arab Americans to the diverse fabric of American society. This month provides an opportunity to recognize Arab Americans in various fields, including literature, arts, cuisine, politics, science, business, and academia. It is a time to honor the resilience, creativity, and achievements of Arab Americans throughout history, from the early waves of immigration to the present day. National Arab American Heritage Month serves as a platform to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Arab American culture and heritage, fostering inclusivity and unity within the broader American community. 


A Proclamation on Arab American Heritage Month, 2023 (The Biden White House)

Arab American Heritage Month 

What is SWANA?

SWANA stands for "Southwest Asian and North African," and it is often used as an inclusive term to refer to individuals or communities from the regions of Southwest Asia (which includes countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine) and North Africa (which includes countries like Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia). SWANA encompasses a diverse range of cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religions.

In the context of Arab American Heritage Month and the celebration of Arab American culture and heritage, SWANA is relevant because it acknowledges the broader diversity within the Arab American community. Arab Americans come from various countries in the SWANA region, each with its own unique traditions, histories, and contributions to American society. By using the term SWANA, the focus extends beyond Arab identity alone to encompass a more inclusive representation of the diverse peoples and cultures of the region.