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ENGL 20 Intro to Rhetoric

Find the Conversation

I) Establish a Search Strategy

Your Research Topic:

The rhetorical techniques in advertising organic products

Your Disciplines to Search:

rhetorics, communication, language/linguistics

Journals or Databases You Might Search: (see Finding Scholarly Articles)

Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Communication Source, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

II: Start Your Searching

Let's imagine started with LLBA, using this search string (which is limited to peer reviewed articles):

This article strikes you as interesting and relevant to the direction you're interested in going:

Arroyo, M. D. (2013). SCIENTIFIC LANGUAGE IN SKIN-CARE ADVERTISING: PERSUADING THROUGH OPACITY. Revista Española De Lingüística Aplicada, (26), 197-213

You now have an original source you can use to start finding related articles; that is, other articles that are part of the same conversation.

III: Now Find Others Conversing with Your Original Article