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ENGL 31: Writing about Literature & Culture (Medina): Home

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What are Your Research Challenges?

  • Finding a database that works well for your topic (No! EBSCO isn't a database.).
  • Constructing a logical search in these library databases that don't work like Google  (No! You can't type in an entire sentence).
  • Thoughtfully sifting through the search results (Yes! You may have to do some careful reading to pick out the good stuff!).
  • Getting the fulltext (FIND-IT-@-SCU is your friend!).

Fun with Google Forms!

As we work together today, follow along on the Google Form linked below. When you click SUBMIT at the end, be sure to send yourself a copy so you can refer back to it later. Who knows! You might find something good in the next hour or so.

Google Worksheet