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ENGL 1A: Superheroes & Quests (Leuner Fall 2020)

Task 1: Background

Find background information that establishes political or social contexts

(Hint: scholarly books, encyclopedias, or Wikipedia can be appropriate when you need a broad overview of a topic).

Choose CQ Researcher, Credo Reference, or Gale Virtual Reference Library (below) to find one background article. Note its title, URL, and which database you used.

To start, brainstorm at least three searchable keywords and some of the synonyms you identified (e.g. sexual violence, rape)

Example: immigration AND racism  / "alt-right movement" AND "white supremacy" 

Find Background Information

Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference sources are great for getting some established research or facts relating to your topic. They are an excellent place to start to just learn some language and to begin to understand some of the nuances of your subject. For most contemporary social issues, I like to recommend CQ Researcher. 

Superhero e-Encyclopedias in the Library