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ENGL 20: Rhetorical Interventions in Public Life (Voss): Home

Class guide for ENGL 20.

Analyzing Media


Images courtesy of Flickr users (in order of appearance): Alexander Gladkik; Barb Henry; Mark Smiciklas; Thomas Hawk, Mike Corbett, & Magnus Hagdorn.

Class Exercise 1- Peer Review of Description of Rhetoric

For this exercise, you will peer review a description of rhetoric in Eli Review. 

Class Exercise 2- Selecting and Using Keywords

Keyword Brainstorm

  • Using the additional angles you want to add to your research project (from your research agenda), brainstorm keywords (including broader, narrower, and synonym terms) for at least one of those angles. 

Class Exercise 3- Searching Multiple Databases

Different databases will provide different types of content. Explore the angle you identified in exercise two by following these steps:

  • Identify three databases you think might have articles related to your topic.
  • Search each database and identify at least one article from each that might be useful.
  • Reflect on the articles: What perspective does each contribute to your analysis of the rhetoric you are investigating?

Class Exercise 4- Using Sources to Find Sources

One good source can be used to find additional good sources.

  • Select one article that you found that you find particularly strong.
  • Read this article and review the works cited/reference list at the end. 
  • Identify additional sources that might be useful.
  • Access those sources using Google Scholar or the SCU databases.


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