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A Guide to Santa Clara University Digital Collections

A brief guide to the university's digitized archival holdings

SCU Photos

A number of the digital collections consist primary of scanned photographs, many historical, some going back to the era of the earliest photographic inventions (like this 1854 daguerreotype of Mission Santa Clara), but some taken as recently as the early aughts (like many photos in the Chuck Barry photo collection).

Browse the the groupings below to explore the offerings based on your interests and needs.

Alaska photos

Other photos

Advanced search & Download

You can construct an advanced search in the Digital Collections to search any number or combination of these collections. Select advanced search from the top menu, click the show all button, unselect all, select the collections you desire to search, and then click search. Putting in a keyword isn't necessary if you are just trying to browse multiple digital collections at once, but it is definitely helpful to use keyword to focus your results.

Be sure to use the download tool in the upper right corner and select large to download the highest resolution version available.

If the version you download isn't high enough quality, ask for the high res .tiff by emailing