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ENGL 2A: Reading Food, Self and Culture (Leither Spr20)

How to Learn Remotely with the Library

Learn how we support your remote learning and research needs.

How to Learn Remotely with the Library


Workshop Goals

Welcome! In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Identify characteristics distinguishing a range of different source types
  • Analyze how you might use different types of sources for your annotated bib / research paper.
  • Develop some comfort and competence in navigating library search tools
  • Identify and practice strategies for evaluating sources

In support of course goal:

Locate and select information that genuinely considers multiple, credible perspectives.

I also recommend exploring "How to Learn Remotely with the Library" (to the left) to get familiar with all of our online services and resources offered not only this Spring quarter, but always!