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SCU First-Generation Student Experiences

A guide to primary sources related to the experiences of first-generation students at SCU.

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Student Perspectives - Student & University Publications

Student Perspectives & Experiences

This section includes short features highlighting first-generation student perspectives and experiences. These may come from the Santa Clara student newspaper, The Redwood yearbooks, or other Santa Clara University resources. In addition to using the sources listed below, we encourage researchers to perform their own searches as well.

Short Pieces

Short pieces may be Scene Spotlights or captions.

Articles from the Santa Clara Student Newspaper:

Articles pertaining to issues relating to the first-generation student experience. These could include documentation and immigration issues, education issues, etc.

Editorials & Letters to the Editor

In general, editorials express the viewpoint of the Santa Clara student newspaper employees. Letters to the Editor express the viewpoints of Santa Clara students or other community members who write into the student newspaper to share their opinions with the wider campus community.

University Publications

SCU Student Perspectives - Audio & Visual Resources

Life Invented Podcast Episode: This is How You College 

On this episode, listen in as first-generation college students and alumni share how being part of the LEAD Scholars Program introduced them to a rich college experience - from the communities built in the program to the indispensable resources it provides, both emotional and financial. As part of the LEAD program, students connect with a group of scholars who truly understand the unique challenges faced by those who are the first members of their families to attend college. The program helps them to navigate the uncharted territory of the class registration process, summer internships, and housing. It’s more than just a program - it is truly a guide for young men and women who are not just learning how to college. They are learning how to transform a generation.

Administrative Perspectives - Articles & Editorials

Administrative Perspectives

The following resources provide insight into administrative perspectives regarding services for first-generation SCU students and/or perspectives on first-generation student issues. In addition to using the sources listed below, we encourage researchers to perform their own searches as well.

Articles from the Santa Clara Student Newspaper: