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ENGL 2A - BEAM-ing Your Research (Swenson)



Course Description: 

Critical Thinking and Writing 2 focuses on improving the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills students first encountered in Critical Thinking and Writing 1. Assignments in this course will further develop students’ understandings of the relationships in academic discourse – and informed writing more generally -- among the writer, the audience, and the subject and purpose of writing. In addition, CTW2 will also emphasize Information Literacy  skills by giving students the opportunity to work on writing assignments that require some independent research.

Education and Identity:

By virtue of your experiences, you already have a unique expertise on the subject of education and have also come to recognize the importance of college learning. Your valuing such an education has led you to SCU and to this CTW 2A, and so we will build on your past knowledge with readings, writings, and discussions in order to help you to become more informed about the experiences you have had and the educational systems we all inhabit. As we analyze such systems and patterns (and work on your thinking and writing skills), you will come to know that education is much more complex than mere "textbook learning" and will have the opportunity to pause while you find yourselves at this important transition point— your first year of college. In doing so, you will develop a stronger awareness about what you seek here at SCU and how best to use your education upon graduation. And, of course, becoming a better writer and thinker will, no doubt, help you in your college career and later in the work world.