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SCU Community Read 2022-23 - Know My Name

Information and resources for the 2022-23 Community Read, Know My Name, by Chanel Miller

Know My Name- by Chanel Miller

SCU Community Read 2022-23


Introducing the Santa Clara University 2022-23 Community Read

Know my Name, A Memoir, by Chanel Miller.

In Know My Name, the reader experiences Chanel Miller’s brilliantly-written memoir about her experience of being sexually assaulted by a Stanford University athlete and the many ways she copes and recovers from a life-altering experience. Formerly known as “Emily Doe—the unconscious intoxicated woman,” Chanel Miller comes out to the world to describe what happened after the assault, the process of sharing her story, mental health challenges, bystander awareness, creativity and coping, the legal process, toxic masculinity, and many more themes that are of fundamental concern for our campus community.

Content Warning & Mandated Reporter Statement

Content Warning: In ‘Know My Name’, Chanel Miller discusses the following topics that may provoke disturbing memories or thoughts. Those topics include: trauma, rape, assault, dating violence, mental health, suicide, gun violence. We recognize that these themes can be difficult but feel that the value of the memoir is far reaching. On this guide, we provide resources for students, staff, and faculty.

Mandated Reporter Statement: Faculty and staff at Santa Clara University are mandated sexual harassment reporters (CA Law, SB 493). This means: if harassment, assault, exploitation, and/or rape are shared with faculty staff, in person or in assignments, information will be shared with the Title IX office in order to provide victims with appropriate resources. If the harassment, assault, or rape happened during an individual’s time at Santa Clara University, action toward adjudication may occur.

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