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HIST 93: The Cold War a Global History

Activity Instructions

Cold War Primary Source Group Activity

Class will be split into 4 groups

Each group will be assigned a primary source document from the book Uprising in East Germany 1953 : the Cold War, the German question, and the first major upheaval behind the Iron Curtain, except the last group, whose primary source document comes from the book My life as a spy : investigations in a secret police file.

With your group members, survey your primary source.

Answer the following questions on your group worksheet, and be ready to share your insights with the rest of the class.

  1. How much of your selection is primary source and how much secondary source?
  2. Who wrote your primary source?
  3. For whom did they write it?
  4. What was the purpose of the document?
  5. Find a supporting secondary source from a library database and put in its permalink below
  6. BONUS Can you locate the link for your primary source through OSCAR or OneSearch?