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ENGL 2A: Critical Thinking & Writing (Crafts)

Peer Review in 3 Minutes (3:15)

Peer Review in 3 Minutes is a succinct explanation of the peer review process and what makes a scholarly journal different! Be sure to thank the librarians at North Carolina State University for this one.

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Anatomy of a Scholarly Article (6:20)

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article (6:20) helps students identify scholarly articles, and, maybe more importantly, gives them guidance in how to approach and then read them. Thank the librarians at Fresno State University. At the very end of the video students are encouraged to contact them for help ... let's hope they come to us instead!

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Types of Scholarly Articles (3:35)

Types of Scholarly Articles (3:35) is very different from the others here, much more detailed. Thank the librarians of Virginia Commonwealth University for it.

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