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Finding Book Reviews

Ethnic Newswatch

The vast majority of the periodicals in Ethnic Newswatch are NOT going to be found elsewhere. They all have a particular ethnic, and often geographic, focus. Many are newspapers or newsletters published weekly or monthly. Although a lot of the reviews are short, if you are looking for reviews of a book that is of particular interest to one ethnic group, you could find a real gem in here! Follow the instructions here carefully to tap this resource!

Once in, click on Advanced Search (above the large search box).

You will be using the author's SURNAME and words or phrases from both the TITLE and the SUBTITLE of the book. Separate different elements with AND. For example, if I wanted reviews of the book, Che Guevara: a Revolutionary Life by Jon Lee Anderson, this is what I would put in the top search box:

Che Guevara Ethnic Newswatch

Notice the quotation marks around phrases.

If the book's title and author are really unusual, that might be enough to get you to the reviews. But, you can specify that you want only REVIEWS by scrolling down the search screen to this area: