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ENGL 1A/2A: LEAD Critical Thinking & Writing (Michalski)

Debrief on You Say Journal, I Say Something Else Entirely

In your groups discuss these three questions and come up with an answer you want to share with us all. Try to make it interesting! Post it in a box in the appropriate column on the padlet. Be sure to sign your entries.


THREE QUESTIONS on the padlet:


What is the most useful or important thing you learned from the tutorial? 


A lot of people had trouble distinguishing the different types of periodicals, so, as a group now, take a look at a periodical called The Family Journal. Visit their homepage. Which type is it? Argue for your decision!


Ask me a question about periodicals, about something that you still find confusing about periodicals.



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Who wrote that review? Where did it appear? How can you tell?

For this exercise, download the Worksheet and the three reviews (A, B, C) linked below. 

What Did You Decide? Share with the class ...

As a group discuss your answers to the two big questions! Come up with the best argument you can for your group's final decision and post your decision and your argument on the appropriate padlet. Make sure you post in the right place!

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