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History 92: Modern East Asia


  Henri Meyer - An illustration from supplement to "Le Petit Journal", 16th January 1898; One Child Policy (Venus, Flicker); (Flicker); ; Magic Lantern Peep Show by J. Thomson 1877

News Sources


For your news research project, you first need to search for news articles on China published in mainstream media around the world in the English language between 2010 and 2016. After exploring articles on a topic of your choice, you need to select one that is particularly relevant and interesting.   Below are some newspapers and magazines  you can use.  Some sources are from China,   others are American sources or sources from other countries  Many of the links provide  access to the back files of newspapers/magazines, so that you can look at articles on a specific topic over time.   When you go to the web site of a publication, you can usually access only the current issue.

Chinese Sources (in English)

China Daily (Beijing, China)

Xinhua News Agency

China Today (North American edition)

News Sources from Around the World

Infotrac Newstand

This database provides access to thousand of news sources from around the world.  You can limit your search by date, language, specific title, etc. 

Access World News
This database includes articles from 600 U.S. newspapers and 700 international newspapers.  Coverage can go back as far as 1977. You can limit your search to sources from a specific country.

American Sources

New York Times (via the Lexis Nexis database)

San Francisco Chronicle  (via Access World News database)

Reader's Guide Full-Text
This database provides access to the full text of 150 magazines (mostly American) dating back to 1994.






News Research Project

After you choose your news article, we will conduct a deeper exploration of the issue highlighted in the article.  You will look at the historical context of the issue; you will locate books, scholarly articles, and primary sources that can help you understand the issue and discuss its historical development and significance.  This guide will help you locate good resources for your project. 

Use the tabs above to learn how to find various types of resources and how to prepare your annotated bibliography.

Need More Help?

If you need more help, don't hesitate to contact me:

Helene Lafrance
Reference Librarian