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Teaching and Learning Services

In-Person Instruction

Faculty and instructors can invite a librarian to teach one or more sessions in their classrooms or in one of the several computer lab classrooms in the Library’s Learning Commons. Faculty and instructors can also request instruction in the Library’s Archives & Special Collections Reading Room. 

Librarians can support research and applied topics in your courses from accessing scholarly literature to finding data on social issues or industries to exploring news and algorithmic biases. Example class topics include:

  • Topic development
  • Basic to advanced search
  • Analyzing source perspective
  • Find and evaluate data
  • Find and using primary sources
  • Critical evaluation of sources
  • Attribution and organization

Librarians work with instructors to ensure that each session is tailored to the subject of their course, to their specific assignment, and to the needs of their students. Librarians can also help instructors design effective research assignments that scaffold skills across the quarter and hit specific learning outcomes.  

Where possible, we encourage and support a flipped classroom approach to our instruction -- leveraging Camino, tutorials, and other pre-work -- so that we can use the in-class time for discussion, sense making, and critiquing.

To request a library instruction session for your class or support in assignment design, contact your subject librarian.