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Teaching and Learning Services

Online Instructional Materials

We can design asynchronous, online learning materials in the form of specialized assignment guides, Camino modules, or self-paced tutorials. You and your librarian might decide on a purely asynchronous approach or, where possible, we encourage and support a flipped classroom approach to our instruction -- leveraging Camino, tutorials, and other pre-work -- so that we can use a synchronous session for discussion, sense making, and critiquing.

Explore our online learning options below and then reach out to your subject librarian for discussion and support. 

Online Instruction Options

We can build customized guides for your course assignments. We use these guides as a support for a library workshop or as stand-alone materials that you can link to from your Camino. A guide also supports student learning because it allows them to revisit the materials as often as needed. The guides may be a blend of structured activities with a curated set of resources related to a specific course or topic.

 Some examples include:

We also build customized modules for your course and send them directly to you in Camino.  A module could complement a synchronous workshop (e.g. as pre-work or post-work) or serve as an entirely asynchronous workshop with asynchronous activities. At its simplest, it includes a welcome video from the librarian and a link to one of our specialized research guides.

Consider giving a librarian a Camino role so that they can give feedback on research drafts or participate in a discussion forum. There are many options, reach out to your subject librarian as always to discuss. 

Our librarians can also build web-based self-paced tutorials that reside outside of Camino, hosted on a library platform. You can make these low stakes activities (pass/fail) or graded. Some of the tutorials we have built include:

  • Searching for Archival Resources
  • Web of Science and Literature Searching
  • Introduction to Journal Impact Factors
  • Using PubMed to Find Articles on Interventions
  • Getting the most out of PsycInfo

What do you want to ensure your students can do or know? Consider collaborating with your subject librarian on a tutorial like one of these.