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NEUR 10 - Explorations in Neuroscience

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Google Scholar

Caveat: check the article date; some results may be quite old. For these older articles, click "Cited by" to see more recent articles that cited that article. You can also use Google Scholar to search within the citing articles.

Google Scholar Search

Databases for Neuroscience

How to Get Articles

How to Get Articles


Once you find articles that interest you, you can mark them and email the citations/abstracts to yourself.

To obtain the full article, click the “Find It @ SCU”  or “Link” button. A new window opens to provide available choices in this order:

1. Links to full-text if we have journal online

2. Link to OSCAR (catalog) record if we have journal only in print

3. Link to Interlibrary Loan & LINK+ if we do not have journal. Fill out all citation information and article pdf will be emailed to you in a few days.


You can also search for article titles in Google Scholar (Google > "More" tab, upper left  >  Google Scholar). If you are on-campus, look for the  “Find It @ SCU”link.