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Ramping Up Your Research: Tips and Resources for Historical Fiction Writers: Home

Ramping Up Your Research: Presentation at the HNS Conference, June 2019

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The Best History Sites on the Web

Historical research is much easier than it used to be.  Large collections of historical materials (letters, maps, images, personal narratives) have been digitized by historical societies and archives around the world.  Check out this section to see the best examples and learn how to find them.

The Books You Need

Books will be an essential part of your research.  Remember that they are not available for free on the web, unless they are very old.  Check out various types of books available in libraries  that will make your research much easier. 



Where's my library?

Whether you live in a big city near a large public library or in a very small town with a tiny library, it doesn't really matter anymore.  In most states, you can connect to the library resources available in the main llibrary.  Click on the library building to see what kind of resources and services you can expect!  

Your Guides

Helene Lafrance
History Librarian, Santa Clara University

Michal Strutin
Librarian and author of Judging Noa

Featured Site

The Transatlantic Slave Database has information on almost 36,000 slave voyages that forcibly embarked over 10 million Africans for transport to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.