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ENGR 340: Distributed & Renewable Energy (Smestad): Home

Evaluating clean-energy ventures created for a developing world.

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Clean Energy for Developing World



ENGR 340: Distributed & Renewable Energy


We Care Solar's Solar Suitcase




"Energy availability in the developing world is key to improving societal education, health, and standard of living. What are the opportunities and constraints of providing energy to these underserved populations? To uncover issues of energy generation, transmission and storage, students will conduct engineering assessments of clean-energy ventures from SCU's Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI).

"For these case studies (ranging from bioenergy to micro-solar to cooking stove efficiency), students will develop engineering calculations to evaluate the technical basis of the cases. Students will also conduct a life cycle assessment, evaluating energy, mining, waste, water, air and other impacts."

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Image courtesy of WE CARE Solar, innovative energy programs that promote safe motherhood and reduce maternal mortality in developing regions. Above: a "solar suitcase" in Nigeria.