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CPSY 214: Evidence-Based Therapy

CPSY 214

CPSY 214: Evidence-Based Approaches to Psychotherapy
Professors Sonia Rubens & Jonathan Sills


Student Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the definition of “evidence-based practice” as well as the purposes of using evidence-based practice in psychotherapy.

2) Gain an understanding of the basic research methods used in establishing a therapy as an evidence-based practice; gaining basic proficiency to use the research/ professional literature for selecting effective treatment techniques and understanding the process and outcomes of psychotherapy.

3) Gain an understanding of shares knowledge from psychotherapy research (e.g.,
common factors in psychotherapy, tailoring therapy for clients, cultural factors in
psychotherapy) and understand how to monitor/assess the effectiveness of your own
work with clients in therapy.

4) Acquire basic skills to conceptualize clients within a variety of evidence-based
approaches and become familiar with a few core techniques from each of these
treatments, to add to your treatment “toolkit”.

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