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Alternative Facts, Confirmation Bias, and the Post-Truth World: Home

Analyzing Media


Images courtesy of Flickr users (in order of appearance): brighter than sunshine; Shannon Kringen; Dennis Skley; Justien Van Zele; Mark Smiciklas; & Silke Remmery.


Many thanks to Amy Sonnie, Emily Weak, and Christine Ianieri, Oakland Public Library, who authored the curriculum and handouts this guide is based on. The content of this guide is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, and content authored by Oakland Public Library is labeled as such.  

Example Articles- Media Analysis Exercise

Fake News Handouts & Class Slides

Partisan Bias, the Media, and the Constitution

Linked below are the media bias grid the workshop drew on and the interview used to introduce the workshop.


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