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Miller Center Fellows

Mentored, undergraduate field-based study/research within Miller Center worldwide network of social entrepreneurs

Getting Started

When approaching your research, it's useful to ask yourself these questions:

Who would have an interest in my topic and possibly study it or monitor it? 

Where would they publish the studies or reports that they generate?

Who and Where?

  1. Scholars and researchers employed at universities will likely come immediately to your mind.
    • You know that they publish their work in scholarly journals
    • These journals are found in databases, which the library pays for.
    • These studies / journals are subject to rigorous peer review processes. 
  2. Scholars and researchers may also be employed in other organizations like non-profits, thinks tanks, and government agencies.
    • These groups will also typically publish their research publicly in white papers or reports.
    • These reports can be found in a number of places: databases and the open web (e.g. Advanced Google).
    • While these publications are not peer-reviewed like scholarly journals, they still may offer useful and important insights into your topic and may be considered appropriate to use by your professor.

Databases/Search Engines for White Papers / Reports

We recommend two databases through the Library to find these kinds of reports. For ERIC, you'll need to filter your results (ask your librarian for help). The Harvard Think Tank Search - an open resource - is also a good option.

Advanced Google for White Papers / Reports

Tips for Advanced Google