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Israeli - Palestinian Conflict


Welcome to this research guide on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The purpose of this guide is to provide resources that will enable readers to gain a better understanding of the issues at stake and the history of the conflict. 

We have tried to select balanced and reasoned sources, with some sources presenting strong viewpoints. The views and opinions of their authors do not necessarily reflect the views of Santa Clara University or the authors of this Guide.

The current situation in Israel and Palestine is very dynamic. It is often said that "truth is the first casualty of war." Misinformation and disinformation abound, and you need to read broadly, question your sources, and synthesize information from multiple perspectives.

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Below are two maps showing Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank along with some adjacent countries. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is also woven into regional divisions and rivalries. A third map encompasses all the countries that make up the Middle East. Clicking the links below the maps will retrieve larger versions of the maps.

Gaza - Israel - West Bank

Gaza - Israel - West Bank Regional Map Gaza - Israel - West Bank Regional Map
Credit: Nations Online Project      Credit: U.S. Department of State


Political Map of the Middle East

Political Map of the Middle East             

Credit: Geographic Guide