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Love Data Week 2024 - SCU Library

Winter 2024 - Programs and Events

The University Library is hosting a series of programs and events to help you connect and work with data. There's something for everyone to do, from beginner to enthusiast. Follow the hashtag #LoveData24 to see what others are doing!


Make sure to register for our workshops so that we have accurate numbers of attendees.


See a data visualization come to life!

Come to the library during the week and contribute to creating a live data visualization! See what others' majors are and contribute your own! We provide the string and pin, and you provide the data. 

Caption the chart!

Throughout the week, check out our social media (Instagram, Twitter/X, or Facebook) to find charts ready for you to caption! Screenshot the image or reshare it and add your own captions~. Share it with the hashtag #CaptionTheChart to see what others came up with.

Example #CaptionTheChart

Day 1: Pie Chart - Example Caption: Purple Area: The amount of TIme I spend thinking about studying. White Area: The amount of time I spend actually studying. Below this is a pie chart, with the purple area taking up about 85-90% of the pie, and the rest white.

Additional Resources