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SOCI 121: Research Capstone

A guide to getting started with your research capstone project.

Research Capstone

Welcome to SOCI 121 Library Workshop

Sociology 121 - Research Capstone

Welcome! In the workshop today, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop and practice strategies for mapping capstone questions to databases.
  • Identify strategies for growing your literature review (cited by, pearl growing, works cited)
  • Trace a scholarly conversation around one article of relevance that you identify


Library Workshop Goal:

Find 2 research scholarly articles (and 2 white papers, if time allows) with respect to your research question that you might use in your literature review. 

Get Ready: Make a copy of this Google document for your own use today during the workshop.

Start of Class: Incoming Check

Click on this image to launch a Jamboard for the class check-in exercise.