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ENVS 148: Solar Revolution

Examines ways of capturing the sun's energy for a variety of uses

Videos Through the Library

Videos Available Online through the Library

  • The Green Economy: Solar Energy - Stores like Real Goods in Humboldt County California carry everything you can think of solar including...yes you guessed toilets! We will look at the difference in the technology and how this endless energy source is being used. The future really is bright!
  • The Science of Energy - This is a 24 episode series covering a wide range of topics on heat, electricity, nuclear power, solar power, wind and more. Choose the episode you want to watch and enjoy! 
  • Solar Power and Electricity - The biggest area of growth for solar energy: transforming sunlight into electricity with the aid of solar panels. Go inside the world of photovoltaic solar panels to find out how they convert sunlight into functional power. Also, take a closer look at other solar-related technologies, like solar troughs, solar towers, and Stirilng engines.
  • Sunlight - Sunlight is a literally inexhaustible source of energy. Discovery why (and how) the sun gives off light, how much sunlight energy the earth's surface gets in an average day, how much land we'd need to supply all our energy needs through sunlight, and some of the geographical problems with solar power.
  • Wind Power and Electricity - Wind power is another growing source of renewable energy. First, discover how giant wind turbines provide us with energy. Then, get a brief history of how humans have tapped into wind's potential and the meteorology of how wind works. Finally, learn the best regions for wind power and the advantages and drawbacks of using wind turbines.

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