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Teaching and Learning Services

Faculty Workshops

SCU librarians and staff lead workshops for faculty to explore and design practical approaches to integrating information literacy in the classroom. Past workshops have included assignment design, topic development, and approaches to integrate critical evaluation of sources. 

Our workshops are advertised periodically through the faculty listservs and our social media accounts. Your subject librarian will also email you about workshops and other opportunities. Some of our past workshops are listed below. Be on the look out for new opportunities this academic year.

From Outsider to Insider: Guiding Emergent Scholars

As experts in your fields, do you wonder about how to help your students -- who are disciplinary novices -- in their growth as scholars? How can you help students make the transition from disciplinary outsiders to insiders?  Explore these questions with faculty colleagues and librarians by joining a blended learning experience focused on supporting undergraduate students in their growth as scholars. 

Brought to you by the University Library, this kicks off in January and ends in March; it’s comprised of 2 short face-to-face sessions and 3 online Camino modules. You’ll leave with strategies and ideas for supporting students' growth as disciplinary scholars, as well as a redesigned assignment (or assignment sequence) to use in one of your Spring courses.  

Interpreting the Conversation

Do you want to help students navigate challenging sources for their research projects? Join us as we discuss ways in which you can help students to read and engage more deeply with their sources in order to move from summarizing what their sources say to creating something new from their deep engagement with those sources. We’ll look at how you can encourage students to find appropriate sources, to see them in conversation with each other, and to use them in their own writing projects. (From the series: Escaping Disaster: Helping Students to Avoid Research Paper Pitfalls).

Scaffolding Assignments

You’re planning to assign a research project: Come find out how you can scaffold that project in order to support your students’ learning. We’ll emphasize how you can create assignments that encourage students to see research as a genuine form of inquiry. We’ll also look at alternatives to the traditional research paper and what metacognitive learning tasks you can build into your courses. (From the series: Escaping Disaster: Helping Students to Avoid Research Paper Pitfalls).

Developing a Strong Topic 

Are you looking to help your students develop intriguing and manageable research topics, and turn those topics into good questions? Come find out about students’ affective reactions to research projects and leave with tools you can implement in your courses so they engage with topics that they--and you--find interesting. (From the series: Escaping Disaster: Helping Students to Avoid Research Paper Pitfalls).